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Investing in massage is truly an investment in your health. To reap the benefits of what massage can truly do to improve your health and well-being, you should receive massage on a frequent basis. Suggested frequency for optimal health and well-being is every 1-2 weeks. Think of massage as a work-out for your body. If you went to the gym to work-out with weights, you wouldn't expect to be all buff and physically fit after just one work-out, or expect it to work when you only work-out once a month. For some people, the effects of massage does in fact last a few weeks...two, three weeks. It really all depends on the individual. 

Our sessions are set a little different than the norm. Our session times reflect 10 minutes of time that is spent changing and speaking with your Massage Therapist. For example, you scheduled a 70 minute massage session, there will be a brief (sometimes longer) intake discussion to determine the needs and goals of your individual massage session, followed by 60 minutes of therapy time (time may include hands-on massage therapy, heat packs, cold packs, foot soaks, stretching, meditating, etc) and concluding with your changing and possibly some more instructions/discussion with your therapist. There are some exceptions to this rule. If you are late or during the intake interview, we have to discuss some things a little deeper, or there is an assessment/stretching, then your appt time encompasses all of that into the 70 minute time period. We do allow for an extra 10 minutes or so to the appt time for New Clients. 


Services that We Offer

Outcome Based Massage Program

Clinical Massage

Infinity Massage

Sports Massage

Pediatrics Massage

Pre-Natal (and Post-Natal) Massage

Special Needs Massage Program

Stretching Sessions

Upgrades/Specialty Sessions


Outcome Based Program

Intensive treatment plan designed to help facilitate healing and functionality due to injury that has taken place in one form or another. Treatments are formulated based on a thorough intake evaluation (which will include: health history, discussion of injury, goals for outcome, exam of area through use of various testing techniques and palpation). A pre-consultation is required at no-charge to client to see if this program is right for them. There are two program lengths to choose from: 6 week and a 12 week. The program is designed to provide a path for clients to achieve true freedom and health from ailments affecting their everyday lives. This program is not for everyone. It will require a commitment to your health. Not all participants will achieve the same results. Results will be determined by your body's ability to heal, length of time you have been injured, type of injury, follow-through at home and commitment to program. 

Types of injuries that are a perfect fit for this type of program include (but are not limited to): carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis,neck, shoulder, low back, hip pain, sciatica, computer/desk strain on shoulders/neck and low back.

The programs will include multiple massage sessions per week (on average 2-3x) at various lengths (30 min to 90 min) on the table depending on need, active and passive stretching sessions both on table and off, exercises to do both in session and a recommended plan to follow at home between sessions. Sessions will include a variety of techniques, dependent on individual's needs. A free consultation will be conducted prior to someone signing up for the program to determine if criteria is met for success.

Program Cost:

6 week package: $900.00

12 week package: $1800.00

Payments can be made in full, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (depending on package length).

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Massage Session Rates

Our Massage Session Rates are based on session time, not type of massage. 

40 minute Massage Session: $45 (30 minutes of therapy)

70 minute Massage Session: $80 (60 minutes of therapy)

100 minute Massage Session: $115 (90 minutes of therapy)

130 minute Massage Session: $160 (120 minutes of therapy)


Clinical (Focus) Massage

This massage uses a combination of Swedish Massage Techniques, Myofascial, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching to alleviate pain and tension in problem areas. By concentrating on specific areas of chronic discomfort, our goal is to help ease muscle tension, reduce adhesions, aide in postural correction, help in rehab and disperse possible trigger points in specific muscle groups so that pain relief can be achieved and one can return to activities of daily living. This can be a deeper massage at times and can cause some bruising or soreness following treatments. Use of a heating pad, hot towels and/or our table warmer is probable. Use of ice is also possible. Single massage sessions will help you "feel good" but to achieve optimal wellness and success in the areas being treated, a treatment plan consisting of massage treatments sometimes on average 3 or 4x a month may be needed depending on your individual situation. As progress is made, the duration between sessions will be increased. It all depends on an individual client's needs. This is NOT a full body massage. This massage focuses on areas that are connected/related in function. You will work with your massage therapist to customize a plan that will focus on the issue at hand. The client is expected to be actively involved in the healing process. The client will be given exercises/stretches that are recommended to work on at home between sessions. The client may need to bring workout type clothing for part/all of the session that may include stretching both passively and actively. The session may or may not always take place on the massage table. This is not a typical massage. This is not a relaxation massage.

Available in:

* 40 minute Sessions 

* 70 minute sessions 

* 100 minute sessions 

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Infinity Massage

Infinity Massage is for those who want reduce stress and simply relax, reduce tension and/or relieve sore muscles. It is a massage that focuses on relaxing tense muscles by using gentle, flowing strokes that promotes blood flow towards the heart. It is completely customizable to fulfill the individual client's goal for that particular session. It can be a full-body massage, just posterior, just anterior or a combination of areas. A full body massage includes the head, face, pecs, arms, legs, back, glutes and feet. Techniques will vary and will be decided upon at our consultation meeting prior to each session. Techniques (Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching) and pressure styles (light, medium, hard) will be discussed based on your particular likes/dislikes and issues. A massage plan will be developed and implemented to fit your needs. In most cases, your tailored massage session will be a combination of different techniques. Each massage developed will work to ease tension, promotes circulation, increases oxygen levels within the blood and decreases muscle toxins. This is simply a relaxation massage on a heated, ultra soft fleece topped table for the ultimate deep relaxation designed to fit your needs. No two massage sessions are exactly alike. 

A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and published in The New York Times, found that volunteers who received a 45-minute Swedish massage experienced significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as arginine vasopressin-a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol. Volunteers also had increases in the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells that are part of the immune system, and a boost in the immune cells that may help fight colds and the flu.

Did you know: Receiving a One Hour Massage is proven to have the effect of 4 hours of sleep? 

Available in:

* 40 minute Sessions (limited to two-three areas of concentration)

* 70 minute Sessions

* 100 minute Sessions

* 130 minute Sessions

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is geared towards those clients who lead an active lifestyle. Examples might be those who run races and train for different marathons, athletes in general, golfers and tennis players. Ailments usually revolve around the part of the body being the used the most during training or competition. An example of this may be Golfer's elbow or pain in the low back or in the shoulders. These all have to do with the strain put on the body when golfer's swing the golf club. 

Sports massage can help alleviate pain in those areas, but also help improve one's game in a particular sport. It is a combination of relaxation and clinical, but at a faster pace (depending on session needs). We incorporate a lot of the same techniques into our Sports Massage as we have in the Clinical and Infinity Massages. We include stretching and assessment, as well as different categories for the Sports Massage: Event and Training Massage. Clients are expected to bring work out clothing to be able to be stretched properly in many instances. This is not a relaxation massage. You may walk away feeling relaxed, but most likely more energized. The massage is focused on areas based on the type of sport(s) being played/training for.

Available in:

* 40 minute Sessions (limited to two-three areas of concentration)

* 70 minute Sessions 

* 100 minute Sessions

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Pre-Natal Massage (and Post-Natal)

This is a basic pre-natal massage for healthy pregnancies only with no complications. Massage is a pretty safe treatment even for those who are in their first trimester of pregnancy, under Physician care and not labeled as a high-risk pregnancy. Client must not be suffering from morning sickness (massage can make your symptoms worse). Client should not have a history of miscarriages or have had any complications in previous pregnancies. Clients who have a history of miscarriages or have been labeled as high-risk/had any complications in previous pregnancies must be passed their first trimester and must have written permission from their OB for clearance to receive the massage. This massage focuses on easing any discomforts a pregnant mother might be feeling during pregnancy:stress and tension of this wonderful life-changing event, swollen feet, lower back pain, leg cramps, headaches and stiff neck. Massage will aid in restful sleep and ease weight bearing joints.

Positions are adjusted according to trimester and comfort level. Positions include: semi-recline (using pillows and bolsters) and side-line (using pillows and bolsters for comfort).

Available in:

* 40 minute Sessions

* 70 minute Sessions 

* 100 minute Sessions 

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Pediatric Massage (0 - 17 years old)

This is a modified Swedish Massage geared towards our littlest clients. Massage, given as early as 3 weeks old, has been shown to aid in healthy growth and development, promote weight gain, can soothe common discomforts, help in restful sleep. It has also been shown to improve immune systems and decrease stress hormones. Pediatric Massage is for children birth to age 17. Parent must be present and in the massage room during the session. For teens, 16 and over, parents must be on premise, but do not have to be in the massage room.

Available in:

* 25 minute Sessions - $15 (0-17 years old)

* 40 minute Sessions - $22 (5-17 years old)

* 70 minute Sessions - $45 (11-17 years old)

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Individualized Special Needs Massage Program (0-17 years old)

Individualized Special Needs Massage is similar to our pediatric massage in that it is an adapted form of Swedish Massage with the possibility of incorporating other massage techniques and modalities to achieve optimal wellness, depending on the individual client's needs. This program is designed for those diagnosed with either a debilitating disease like cerebral palsy, or a syndrome such as Asperger's, Autism, Depression or Down Syndrome. Some of the techniques or modalities used might include: Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, Myofascial Release and more.

Initial Appointment Session - 40 minutes: $22

Initial appointment includes a detailed health history, a recommendation plan, assessment and if time allows a mini introduction to massage and what can be expected in following sessions.

Following Sessions (with approval following IAS - Initial Appointment Session):

25 minutes: $15 (15 minutes hands-on)

40 minutes: $22 (30 minutes hands-on)

70 minutes: $45  (60 minutes hands-on)

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Body Stretching Sessions

Clients can sign up for stretching sessions that focus on certain areas of the body that need help loosening up to reduce, or even eliminate, various issues including: pain, stiffness, body alignment issues, and more! Stretching programs are tailored to fit the client's individual needs. They will include both active and passive stretching. Clients are highly encouraged to wear workout type clothing. Client's will be participating in the stretches either on the Massage Table and/or on the mat (floor). Please let your MT know if you have difficulty laying on the floor and/or getting up from the floor as accommodations can be made in advance. Currently sessions are 1:1, no group sessions are currently being offered. 

15 Minutes: $15

30 Minutes: $30

45 Minutes: $45

60 Minutes: $60

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Upgrades & Specialty Sessions

Specialty Sessions:

Chair Massage: 10 minutes - $14.00, 15 minutes - $20.00, 20 minutes - $26.00 (cannot be added to any other service, add-on or package)

Hand & Foot Massage, NO Scrub - 40 minutes: $45

Hand & Foot Massage with Scrub - 40 minutes: $55

Foot Massage Only, NO Scrub - 40 minutes: $45 

Foot Massage with Foot Scrub - 40 minutes: $50 

Hand Massage Only, NO Scrub - 40 minutes: $45

Hand Massage with Hand Scrub - 40 minutes: $50

Scalp, Face & Neck Massage - 40 minutes: $45 


Hand Scrub (add-on to existing massage session, no added time): $10

Foot Scrub (add-on to existing massage session, no added time): $10

Dry Brushing: $10

Foot Soak with Epsom Salts and Essential Oils: $10

Head to Toe Body Stretching: $10

Aromatherapy diffused into room customized to your liking: Complimentary

Hot Towels used in your session: Complimentary

Ice Mask (reduce bags and relieve tension headaches) used in your session: Complimentary by request

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