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Infinity Wellness Membership


$154 per month (auto-deduct) 

We want our clients to have access to alternative maintenance and preventative health care ...the ability to have routine massages and stretching sessions multiple times a month without breaking the bank. Regular massages and stretching provide a decrease in stress and tension on the body. This helps prevent and minimize the development of disease within the body. This is why we have created the new monthly membership massage program, known as Infinity Wellness. Becoming an Infinity Wellness Member allows you to receive (2) 70 minute massages a month and (2) 30 minute stretching sessions a month. Members may purchase additional massage sessions a month for a discounted price or may upgrade their included massage sessions. There are limited membership spaces available. Members also get preferred scheduling. This program is open only to the first 10 people who join. Membership fees are auto-deducted on the 20th of the preceding month. Membership fee for this program is $154 per month. JOIN TODAY... before the spots are gone! 

Members Pricing on Upgrading Included 70 Minute Massage Sessions:

Upgrade your 70 minute massage session to 100 minutes - $25 additional

Upgrade your 70 minute massage session to 130 minutes - $50 additional 

Members Pricing on Additional Massage Sessions for members use:

40 minutes - $25 (save $20, regular $45)

70 minutes - $50 (save $30, regular $80)

100 minutes - $75 (save $40, regular $115)

130 minutes - $100 (save $60, regular $160)

Members Pricing on Additional Stretching Sessions for members use:

15 minutes - $10 (save $5, regular $15)

30 minutes - $20 (save $10, regular $30)


How do I become an Infinity Wellness Member?

Call or email ( us to get started. You can also book your first session (we will adjust the pricing at your appointment) and when you come in for your session, we can fill out the paperwork. You must have a credit card to leave on file (just the credit information, not the card itself) with you at the time of signing up. Membership is for 12 full paying months. Auto-deduction of the $154 monthly fee will be taken out on the 20th of every month (with the exception of the first month, that will depend on when you sign up). Canceling of the membership is possible with a cancelation fee of $65. Cancelation must be given in written form by the 10th of the month in order not to be charged the full fee amount of $154. Clients may pause their membership during a month for vacation or hardship. When pausing, members must also give in writing notice by the 10th of the month prior to the charging of the $154. Members month which is paused will not count towards the 12 month commitment. Once the pause is lifted, the member will continue its membership commitment to fulfill the 12 months. For example, member was a paying member for 3 months and on month 4, member paused membership due to vacation for the month. After that month 4 is over, member continues membership commitment as the 4th month of commitment (not the 5th month, as it was paused for a month).