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Individualized Special Needs Massage



We offer services also to those special needs clients who can really benefit from the therapy that "touch" provides. Our founder, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist has a Special Education Teacher background. This, combined with her MT education, has reached out to this very special clientele. We offer services to help those diagnosed with Autism, Down's Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and more in our Individualized Special Needs Massage Program! Research has shown that massage therapy can help through the use of touch. Children and adults who seek massage therapy as an alternative complementary treatment, do need to be in good health.

The benefits following treatment seem to have a lasting impact for days. It is really up to the individual with special needs and how they handle touch in general. Some have a really hard time letting anyone touch them at all, others have no problem. In our massage program, our therapist(s) will need to experiment with different modalities, level of pressure and time spans to allow for touch to be administered in a safe and nurturing manner that is welcoming to the client.

Some modalities we will consider at Infinity Massage and Wellness Center are: Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF/MET/Stretching and Deep Tissue Massage (Myofacial Release).


Below is a little of how massage has helped these two particular groups:




Research has shown that massage therapy can help through the use of touch. In the case of Autism, a massage program has shown to be a viable treatment that complements other treatments currently in place. Massage is definitely indicated for those with autism. Studies have shown that massage in clients with autism have had positive impacts in their activities of daily living. Benefits that reduce stereotypical behaviors associated with autism, provide for better sleeping habits, increase positive social interactions and increase attentiveness on tasks, especially in the school/work environment. For more information, please read the following article relating to Autism and Massage:

Massage and Autism




Those diagnosed with Down Syndrome usually present themselves with cognitive and physical impairments. Every person accepts and feels touch differently. It is no different with those with Down's. Research suggests that massage therapy increases muscle tone, increase motor task performance and help with issues with bowel movements. All of these are common characteristics for those with Down's. For more information, please read the following article relating to Down Syndrome and Massage:

Massage and Down Syndrome


What does our program look like?

Initial Appointment: $40.00 (30 min)

During the intake appointment, our client's can expect to fill out an intake questionaire, health history form, receive a discussion on services, how massage will help your child, assessment and be provided with a treatment plan.

Depending on response from client, this appointment may include some gentle introduction to touch/massage on arms.

Following appointments will be determined during the initial appointment. Each session will be based on the individual client's need to adjust to massage therapy. It is not unusual for actual (typical) massage not to take place for a few sessions. Massage is touch. Touch can vary from simple strokes of the hand and arm, to brushing one's hair with their fingers and manipulating their scalp.

For pricing on individual sessions beyond the initial appointment, please refer to our "services and rates" section of our website under Individualized Special Needs Massage Program.