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Wellness Membership Program


Our Wellness Membership is perfect for those who want to receive massage sessions and/or stretching sessions on a regular basis to optimize their well-being and promote healthy and functional living to its fullest. 

Monthly Fee: $20 (auto-deduct on the 1st of the month), $10 additional per family member living in the same household.

The monthly fee allows you to purchase unlimited additional sessions for the individual signed up to use during any given month at VIP Pricing! Also allows client to purchase 1 gift certificate per month to give as a gift at the VIP price. Special Events will allow clients to purchase additional gift certificates during a given event time. Ask your Massage Therapist for details or how to sign up! 

Massage Sessions:

40 Minutes: $35 (save $10 each session)

70 Minutes: $55 (save $25 each session)

100 Minutes: $85 (save $30 each session)

Stretching Sessions:

15 Minutes: $10.00 (save $5 per session)

30 Minutes: $20.00 (save $10 per session)

45 Minutes: $ 30.00 (save $15 per session)

60 Minutes: $40.00 (save $20 per session)



Additional details are listed on the actual annual contract.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $25.00. This enrollment fee is nonrefundable.


Unlimited massages strictly depends on your availability and Infinity Massage and Wellness Center's availability. To make the most of your availability, try to schedule a few sessions out at a time. There are no refunds, no rollovers, no transferability between sessions. Sessions are not paid for until you use them. The only thing that is paid upfront is your membership fee of $20, or more depending on number of people signing up in your household. If you don't use it, you do lose it. It is the same as signing up for a gym membership, if you don't go into the gym one month, you now have lost that month's benefits of attending. 

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